How many of us have had a problem that everything on your computer system which was readable in simple English suddenly changed into a different language which we are not so familiar with. I am sure most of us have experienced this kind of problems, apart from the virus this common issue arises due to software we use are from different national origin that have another national language than English.

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Solved : Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook 2016


“Getting the message “Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook 2016” when you try to open Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your desktop or laptop device? This happens mostly with the users whose Microsoft Outlook 2016 folders does not operate properly, due to the reason of Outlook’s PST or OST files either getting corrupt or displaced from their original location. Mistakes in the Navigation Pane setup, Add-ins of Outlook profile and Outlook compatibility mode which are not valid are some of the factors that trigger the Outlook startup issue. But this is not which is incurable, for an individual who does not have any professional knowledge of the Outlook backend working.

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How to Reset Hotmail Password


With many email service providers today, hotmail which is also known as is indentified as one of the oldest email service providers. Available in 106 different languages across the globe hotmail has the largest number of users worldwide. An excellent and experienced hotmail technical support that assists the users to reset hotmail password, hotmail setup to creating the accounts, resolving the minor to major emailing issues by step by step guidance have made hotmail as the first choice for the professionals. The technical support is always available around the clock, seven days a week at the toll free number +1-888-502-0552 and can be reached from any part of the world.
As we know that emails have made their way to fulfill our personal and professional communication needs, so have the unwanted errors and emailing issues which have increased with growing communication technology. There are few rare technical issues the users might face along with few very frequent issues. One of the most common issues that the users face is forgotten passwords and the problems related to resetting the password.
Hotmail realizes this common occurring problem and have simplified the procedure to simple steps for the users. The users looking to reset

To Reset Hotmail password can follow these simple given steps

  1. OPEN THE OUTLOOK ACCOUNT: Open, we know that Microsoft outlook is the official email service provider for hotmail, outlook and Microsoft live, therefore an outlook account will be used to change password for hotmail.
  1. SIGN IN:  Next step is to sign in with the hotmail email address you wish to reset your password, alternately you can also sign in with your phone number or Skype username. click next button.
  1. ENTER PASSWORD: The next button will take you to a page which will ask for password. Please click to `forgot my password’ option at the right bottom.


  1. ENTER VERIFICATION CODE: After you click `forgot my password’ you will appear on verification code page. Tap the “enter the characters you see” below the code box. Read the code carefully and remember the letters are case sensitive and you can change the code if it is too confusing. Click next.
  1. CONTACT EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER: The next page will ask “Where should we contact you? Type your alternate email address or last digits of your phone number and click send. You will get a recovery code on your alternate email account or through a text message on your phone.
  1. VERIFY CODE: please note the recovery code from your alternate email address or phone text message. Enter this code and click to verify box. After you click to verify box you will be taken to password reset page.


  1. PASSWORD RESET: Now you will finally reach password reset page where you can type your new password. Re-type the new password for confirmation and then click next. Now you will be redirected to sign in page with your new reset password.

When you carry out these steps, you should be completely at ease because you know there is a support team which is just a call away. If you are unable to reset Hotmail password by calling technical support our toll-free helpline +1-888-502-0552, is available 24/7. they make sure that you carry out these steps and you successfully reset your password. They will be with you assisting and guiding you through each single step mentioned above, making this hectic password recovering an enjoyable exercise for you.


RocketMail is one of the oldest and largest free webmail service providers. Back in the days rocketmail was the toughest competitor of hotmail in the race to be number one mail service provider. We can help you to get instant support related to the issue, dial our toll-free number +1-888-502-0552 to help you reset rocketmail password

The role of technical support team has played   a major role in the success of rocketmail over the years. With its fight for supremacy and excellence in its early days, after merging with yahoo rocketmail have evolved with time. Maintain the same dignity and extreme customer satisfaction, the technical support have upgraded and adapted to the modern challenging technical demands which has resulted in extreme benefits to the usersContinue reading



Zoho mail password recovery | +1-888-502-0552

With its expertise in the field of software development, zoho cooperation provides a multiple web based services.  Zoho web based  services  includes their most popular `office suite’ which covers all the modern office demands, offering  online word processing, presentation sheets, spreadsheets, web conferences and many more along with the email services. We will help you to do zoho mail password recovery

What Zoho mail Password recovery team offers?

Zoho cooperation has answers to all the daily office web-based requirements, thanks to the versatile technical support which is composed of expert technicians who are just a call away on the toll free numbers having best solutions to your every problem. The dedicated and kind support staff assists the users by giving step by step instructions from email setup to passwords recoveries and from troubleshooting issues to account settings.
One of the most frequent issues which maximum zoho mail users have reported is the password recovery. There are two best options to recover zoho mail forgotten password. The first option is follow these below mentioned simple steps and recover your password by replacing a forgotten zoho email password with a new one.

Follow the steps for zoho mail password reset


  • Step two: enter that zoho email address for which you want to change the password. You can also enter your phone number which is registered with zoho account.


  • Step three: after you have entered your email address/phone number click on `forgot password’ option which is at the right top of `Sign In’ box.


  • Step four: as soon as you click to `forgot password’ option you will be redirected to `password reset request’ page. On the password reset page enter the secondary email address which is registered in zoho account. If you do not have secondary email account registered with zoho, there is no need to worry you can enter your registered phone number which is registered with zoho account. After you have entered your secondary email address/registered phone number enter the provided capta carefully and click submit box.
  • Step five: now here there can be two cases. If you entered your registered phone number you will get a verification code on that number, enter that seven digit number on verification code box. As soon as you enter the correct verification code you will be redirected to `reset your password’ page. If you entered your secondary email address, a link will be sent on that secondary email inbox. Open secondary email on a different tab and click on that sent link. By clicking on that link you will be redirected to `reset your password’ page.
  • Step six: now you are on ` reset your password page’ enter your new password then confirm your password again on the second given box. Click on the change box. Finally you will be able to access your account with this new password.

call us for zoho mail password recovery | +1-888-502-0552

This was the first option to recover password, the second option which is the best option for those who are looking for quick and easy password recovery is to call immediately the technical support that are available 24/7 at the toll free number +1-888-502-0552 . Call them and hand over your worries to them, the team of experts will guide you through every single step and your password recovery will be much quicker and hassle free.

How to do Recovery of Hacked SBCglobal Emails

sbcglobal login

sbcglobal login

Unauthorized Sbcglobal login? Guide for the Recovery of Hacked Sbcglobal Email account

Emails today have become an integral part of our daily professional and personal life. Emails, as we know, plays an important part in almost every sector from IT to healthcare to hospitality and from corporate to industrial. The importance of e-mail in almost all the sectors cannot be denied which have played a major role in the development of these sectors. The emails are considered a confidential, the security breach is an important issue in the IT world. To counterfeit unauthorized Sbcglobal login, there is a guide to keep your account secure sbcglobal email login from unwanted sources. 

Emails are one of the most common modes to exchange data and information; these data may carry extremely private and confidential information. As the data exchange or shared via e-mails can be very important and confidential to the users and the receivers, therefore there is always a risk of the data getting leak as well. The Sbcglobal login password should be secure.

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MSN Mail error code 0x80aa4194

The MSN mail is the most important E-mail services that people has been using these days. It is connected to the multiple accounts. There are multiple issues that come while using the MSN mail. Try  resolving your issues with the steps given below or you can contact our toll-free number +1-888-502-0552 to get the instant support. we have covered three MSN error codes 0x80aa4194, 0x80072ef, 0x85ad60af.

How to resolve MSN Mail error code 0x80aa4194

  • Go to the “Tools” menu of your browser.
  • Click on “Delete Browsing History”. In the “Delete Browsing History” window, check the box next to cookies. You can uncheck everything else.
  • This will rectify your concern, however, if you still face issue please call on XXX

How to resolve MSN Error code 0x80072ef

  • Go to the “Tools” menu of your browser.
  • Click on “Delete Browsing History”. In the “Delete Browsing History” window, check the box next to cookies. You can uncheck everything else.
  • This will rectify your concern, however, if you still face issue please call on XXX

How to resolve MSN error code 0x85ad60af

  • Go to and click the “Sign in” link at the top of the MSN page.
  • Select “Sign in” and log in using your Microsoft account email address..
  • Click your Microsoft Username and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • On the “Help and Settings” menu at the top if the screen, click Settings.
  • Click on “change your email settings
  • Click on “import or export email, copy email or import contacts
  • Click on “Reset Email Setting
  • In the MSN Email dialog box, click “Next”. Select the option to continue your MSN email reset and synchronize in your account and then click “Next
  • Click “Done”
  • I trust that the above has resolved your query. If not, please feel free to contact at XXX.

If the issue still persist dial our toll-free number +1-888-502-0552 and brief your issue, get is resolved by our elite team.

How to resolve Amazon fire stick issues


What is amazon fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a small digital media player used as an entertainment device that streams digital audio and video content in HD network and can be used for playing games, can be used with a mobile app or an optional game controller, can play movies and listen to audio songs supported with various applications like gaana, wink etc. that works with the help of internet (home network i.e., wifi)

This device comes in two forms:-

1. Fire TV, that includes a Set Top Box (STB)
> It was an older version and was not very much successful as it contains only 2GB of RAM, MIMO dual-band WiFi and a Bluetooth Remote control with a microphone for voice search.
2. Fire TV Stick that is used as HDMI Plug-In Stick
> The newer version of Fire TV known as the Fire TV Stick is an HDMI-port plug-in device that is similar to the older Fire TV. But the configuration supported in Fire TV Stick is much more than the Fire TV.
Also, the two variants in Fire TV Stick are the one with voice search on remote and the one without it.

What are the Channels on amazon fire TV

It includes various channels like Netflix, Crackle, HBO NOW, Watch ESPN, Watch HGTV, CBS AllAccess, Watch Food Network, BBC News and many more.
Thou you cannot get local channels through the Fire Stick as it is not a TV Antennae, and supports all the shows that are available through Netflix or Amazon, or any other applications that are available through Fire Stick.

Issues that may arise using the device

How to resolve Amazon fire stick the black screen

There can be several chances; some of them are listed below-
A. Make sure your TV is on and is set to the same HDMI input channel your Fire TV device is connected to.
B. If an HDMI cable is being used to connect the Fire TV Stick, unplug and reconnect it. You may need to try a different HDMI cable. Along the same, you can temporarily unplug the other devices connected to your TV’s HDMI Ports.
C. Try changing your TV to different resolutions as it can be there that the TV is not supporting the current resolution of the Amazon FS and it is thus showing Black Screen.
For this press the UP and REWIND button on the Fire TV Remote at the same time for at least Five Seconds. The system then cycles through available Output Resolution, pausing at each resolution for 10 seconds. If you see the correct resolution on-screen, select Use Current Resolution.

How to fix Amazon fire stick frozen

Hold down the Select + Play button together for 5 Seconds to Restart the device.
Restart the device following: Settings > System > Restart, then once restarted unplug the power cable for 5 Seconds then plug back in.

How to fix Amazon fire stick no signal

Here are some of the Quick fixes for Amazon Fire Stick No Signals are:-
a. Power Light indicator must be static.
b. Power cord/plug/socket must not be damaged.
c. Check HDMI cable connections.
d. Selecting the Correct Resolution.

How to fix Amazon fire stick remote not working

Firstly, Make sure that you have Fresh Batteries in your remote. (2 AAA batteries).
You can go to Google Play Store and search for Amazon Fire TV Remote App, make sure that your phone and amazon fire TV should be under the same network.
Open the App, and Select the connected device and enter the code that is displayed on your screen and get paired with it.
* Furthermore, the best thing with the app is you can type on the phone and the same will be displayed on TV.
Go to Settings > Amazon Fire TV Remote > Add New Remote and Press Home button on FS Remote for 10-15 Seconds and it will be connected automatically.
Also, you will now have two remotes i.e., one that you can operate from the Mobile App and the other is the Fire TV Remote.

How do I update my apps on amazon fire TV

a. From the Fire TV Stick Home Screen, scroll down to the “App” Section.
b. Scroll to the right until you reach the app you want to update.
c. If an update is available, an “Update” button will be present. Select the “Update” option.
d. If a popup appears, select “Update App Now”.
e. The app will download the latest version and will update. Once completed the updated app will be launched.

There are many issues related to the Amazon fire TV, it is widely popular nowadays. There is the huge user-base of the people holding up the device, the above mentioned issues are easy to fix and one can perform the instructions and resolve it.  We have a team of dedicated members which can really help you to get the issues resolved, a dedicated helpline which is toll-free +1-888-502-0552, the customer can contact us and fix the issues through voice, E-mail, and chat


Is Your Netflix App Not working?

Netflix, one of the famous online video websites is becoming peoples most favorite pastime nowadays. Sometimes it becomes irritating when some error codes flash on the screen and Netflix fails to open. No need to worry anymore, you have reached the best place to get all solutions related to Netflix issues. We have refined the solutions so you receive the best cure for all Netflix related problems. Continue reading

How to host a web page on Google drive without any hosting


Ever wondered How to host a web page on Google drive!

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google where you can store, edit, and retrieve files from anywhere. The files are easy to share with anybody, accessible from any device. The Google drive is a great spot to store your Javascript, CSS, and HTML files.A user can install the Google drive in the android or ios device. If you have the access to the internet, of all the cloud storages and file sync services available, the Google drive is best among all, the offline Google Chrome extension is also available. You can view, edit, and download files easily. There is much use of Google drive. Ever wondered how to host a web page on Google drive, Yes, it is possible!

The Google drive is also connected with other Google services which make it the best choice from all other cloud storage service. It offers 15 GB of free cloud storage beyond the limit, the user has to pay a fee. The Google drive is integrated with Google docs, Google spreadsheet, and Google Slides. The user can also manage the folder and files in the Google drive very easily and even generate the printout very easily if you don’t have the USB or storage device with you.

So, without taking much time start how to host a web page on Google drive. Follow the steps below

  1. The first step is accessing a Google drive. For accessing a Google drive, you need a Gmail account. Create a Gmail account or sign in to your Gmail account if you already have a Gmail account. If you are facing troubles accessing your Gmail account, you can take technical support for Gmail.

    How to host a web page on Google drive

  2. Once you are signed up (or logged into your account), you can access the drive from your browser, there are apps available for both Android and Ios.

2. Once you are signed up (or logged into your account), you can access the drive from your browser, there are apps available for both android and Ios.

3. Go to and you will automatically get signed in from your browser

3. Go to and you will automatically get signed in from your browser

4. create a folder in the Google drive and name it according to your preference. I have named it website

5. Now upload the HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT files in the new folder that you have created.

5. Set the permissions of the folder to “Public on the web”. Right click on folder website> share>Advanced>change>anyone on the web>saved

How to host a web page on Google drive6. Now upload the HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT files in the new folder that you have created.

How to host a web page on Google drive

7. Now go to the web address and select via google drive 

How to host a web page on Google drive

8. select allow and you will see the webpage files in the

How to host a web page on Google drive

9.  Select the index file and click on that

How to host a web page on Google drive

10. click on the file and you will see your webpages live

How to host a web page on Google drive