Whether you are at work in the office or at home in the leisure hours, routers have proved to be our best companions. Most of the routers these days are being manufactured to suit the deistic and small scaled offices because they cover a large percentage of domestic circuits connecting through various devices.

As routers plays an important part in satisfying our personal and professional internet demands at homes and even in the offices therefore it becomes quite essential to opt or the best and reliable router which can perfectly suit our internet needs.

Believe me it is not as easy task to select a perfect router as there are a numerous number of routers available in market and the entire router manufacturing company brag on their products making things more confusing for the users.


When we talk about the router features almost all the router manufacturing companies, produce routers which are highly advanced in technology and have modern technical specifications and does not have big differences when it comes to quality and performances. What makes Buffalo routers different apart from their excellent technology and features buffalo has a well trained and qualified support staff which guarantees error free and un-problematic routers. Buffalo is a leading company that is experts in Router manufacturing and produces a large variety of router series giving a wide range of option to the users. Similarly buffalo router professional and qualified support team too is immensely experienced and provides high quality customer service.


There is no doubt that all the routers available in the market today are highly advanced and have excellent technical specifications but in spite of that the routers still have few glitches and networking issues which cannot be ignored. Buffalo routers does not guarantee complete error free routers but we do guarantee a 24/7 calling service to ensure all the issues and glitches whether small or big are quickly resolved by our technical support team.

We understand that giving best features is not enough the customers still might face small to big issues with Buffalo routers. Our highly skilled and professional technical support staff takes care of the customer problems and issues to provide a complete customer satisfaction. We are available 24/7 at the toll free numbers and highly responsive to your call. Our support team is very friendly and courteous and has deep analytical and troubleshooting skills.


Apart from providing excellent quality and a wide range of routers for different internet needs , buffalo routers still have few glitches and issues.

The most common issues found in the routers are as follows:

  • Login or setup problem
  • Having problem with Wi-Fi connection
  • Router is slower than usual
  • Unable to change router settings
  • Poor WI-FI connectivity range
  • Inconsistent internet speed
  • Unable to upgrade router drivers
  • Cable connecting the router issues
  • Problem connecting to multiple devices
  • Router performance issues
  • Problem with changing passwords
  • Problems with managing IP address/router ports
  • Security breach in internet connection network
  • Router not turning on

We understand that these small and common issues can be irritating and may hinder the work flow. Keeping exactly these factors in mind we have developed a team who makes sure that these glitches are no more a head ache for the users. If you have any of these issues or have any query please feel free to call our toll free numbers no matter what time or day you call buffalo router staff will be happy to help you 24/7.


Our prime motto is to serve the customers so that they may experience high quality Buffalo routers. Apart from the common glitches we provide complete router services from setups to router installations. Our services include:

  • Router installation
  • Router repair
  • Connecting the devices
  • Upgrading drivers
  • Upgrading firewall

We provide these services on remote access basis where the users can provide us the access to their systems/devices and allow the experts to help you. Moreover if the users want to take the experts’ advice and perform these tasks on their own we also provide step by step detailed guidance through the calls. Were each and every step is explained in detailed and easy language so that the users can simply follow the instructions and carry out the task in most simplified manner.

If you have any query or need any information about Buffalo routers you are welcome and free to call at our toll free numbers. WE ensure the technical support staff maintains extreme high levels of work ethics which enables complete commitment to our customers. The team is always available 24/ 7 at our toll free numbers and is ready to assist in any type of query at any part to the day.