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MSN games from Microsoft have been the most loved games for a lot of Microsoft users. We all have grown up playing msn games. There are a lot of issues users can encounter with their msn games as they need flash and java updates to run properly. Such plugins are installed on your browser and need proper configuration. We provide dedicated technical support for MSN games. Users can feel free to call our Microsoft games technical support phone number.

MSN Games are widely favorite in the 90’s. It is a product of Microsoft where the user can enjoy free games and trials. The MSN has created many famous games which are liked by the users, but it comes with the problem as well. There are many issues related to MSN games which we deal with our day to day life. The MSN is still very popular with the vast database. The msn offers many free games. After, other social media and other popular media came into existence the MSN is still a popular choice among the users. The MSN games are available online and offline.  We offer dedicated Msn games technical support through our MSN Games Customer Support Phone Number. There are many famous msn games which user still loves to play. Some of them are listed below:

  • Heart games for windows 10
  • MSN game solitaire
  • MSN free games bubble town
  • Bejeweled 2
  • Zuma
  • Big Kahuna Reef
  • Fish Tycoon
  • Mah Jong Quest
  • Diner Dash

These games had ruled the hearts of the users. The MSN usually gives two options to play the games: Online and user can download the game application as well. Here is the solution for the significant problem that user face while running and playing the games. You can contact our MSN Games Customer Support Phone Number to rectify the problem.

MSN Games Technical Support phone number

Games stop responding in Windows 10

There could be the multiple reasons that your game has stopped working. There are some solutions which we can provide you regarding the issue. Users can contact our Microsoft windows technical support number for better assistance. Our msn games technical support phone number is dedicated to provide solutions for any msn game issue. Our msn game technical support agents have expertise in troubleshooting gaming issues and fixing them in less time.

 Restart the game

Yes, the solution seems silly but it works sometimes. Scroll up the game, and there you will find X button. Close the game and then again start. If you are unable to close the application, there is another way to close the application. Follow this process and then restart the application.

  • Press CTRL+ ALT+ DEL
  • Select the task manager
  • Select process
  • Select the MSN window
  • Click on MSN and then click END TASK
  • Restart the application
  • Restart your Windows 10 device (Tablet, Desktop, and Laptop)

Restarting your Windows 10 device will release the memory and task will get free. To restart your Windows 10 device

  • Hold the power button
  • Press ALT + f4 and then select restart from the menu

Check your Drivers are updated or not

There may be a driver compatibility issue as well. Please check that your device is meeting the minimum hardware requirement for the game. Please update your drivers if required

Check the system requirements

Check for hardware. If your hardware is meeting the minimum requirement (Graphics, Memory, Space)
Sign in as a different User

The data files may be corrupt on your profile. Please try to sign in with another user and restart or run the game again. Switch your windows accounts and sign in with a different account.

Reinstall the game

The game may sometimes get corrupted due to corrupt files and the data. In this case, try to reinstall the game or reinstall it. It will build the new and fresh files of the game. The corrupted data or games file will get deleted, and the fresh files will work.

The Problem with the Active X files

The Red Cross mark in a white square on the game screen, this problem is the active X issue. The active X is a framework in the windows which is reusable by other software as well. Sometimes the Active X for the file may get corrupted. You have to reinstall the Active X files for the following game.

Reset the Internet security settings

  • Go to the start> control panel >internet options
  • Go to the security tab, click on the custom level
  • Reset custom Setting >select medium or medium-low
  • Delete the temporary file and clear the cache from the browser

Reinstall the Active X controls

To reinstall the Active X control the user have first to uninstall the Active X controls

  • Go to Start>control panels> internet options
  • Go to Programs; click manages add-on
  • Click on- the Active X you want to uninstall
  • If there is no delete button, click the more information button and click on remove

Go to the games windows to the MSN games page where the flash will prompt Active X to install. Install the active x. For professional help contact our MSN Games Customer Support Phone Number.

MSN Games Customer Service Phone number

Users facing issues with a specific MSN game can contact our MSN games customer service phone number for better assistance over that game. Our msn customer service agents have got training to fix issues with online games. Some of the common issues faced with msn games are non-functioning plugins, flash issues, msn error 500, msn app crashing and much more. We suggest users to contact our msn games customer service in such cases.

How to fix MSN 500 13 Error

  • The possible causes of the MSN 500 13 error code would be corrupt download and incomplete installation of MSN software
  • Corruption in the windows registry
  • The files related to MSN and windows might get corrupted from virus and malware.
  • The files might get deleted

There could be multiple reasons for this error. The possible fix for this problem would be the attempts that we can perform to resolve it. Users can also contact us directly on MSN Games Customer Support Phone Number

  • Scan your pc for malware and viruses
  • Update your drivers
  • Repair the registry entries
  • Reinstall the windows

MSN game is crashing

There would be the multiple reasons that your MSN game is crashing. There could be hardware, software and many other issues. Please check that your device is performing better or not.

  • Please update your flash, java and Active x and direct X components
  • Please update the windows
  • Please update your video drivers

Try to update these components of the windows and restart the window and The MSN service.

There are multiple issues which cannot be documented. The numerous issues hampering the user experience; unable to enjoy the games. The games are considered as the best time pass for leisure. The Microsoft has made many developments in the recent years. There are many upgrades of windows, and the errors are different for the different versions of windows. But the above listed or mentioned technical issues are the most commonly occurred technical issues.  Users are suggested to call our MSN Games Customer Support Phone Number for live support.

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