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With its expertise in the field of software development, zoho cooperation provides a multiple web based services.  Zoho web based  services  includes their most popular `office suite’ which covers all the modern office demands, offering  online word processing, presentation sheets, spreadsheets, web conferences and many more along with the email services. We will help you to do zoho mail password recovery

What Zoho mail Password recovery team offers?

Zoho cooperation has answers to all the daily office web-based requirements, thanks to the versatile technical support which is composed of expert technicians who are just a call away on the toll free numbers having best solutions to your every problem. The dedicated and kind support staff assists the users by giving step by step instructions from email setup to passwords recoveries and from troubleshooting issues to account settings.
One of the most frequent issues which maximum zoho mail users have reported is the password recovery. There are two best options to recover zoho mail forgotten password. The first option is follow these below mentioned simple steps and recover your password by replacing a forgotten zoho email password with a new one.

Follow the steps for zoho mail password reset


  • Step two: enter that zoho email address for which you want to change the password. You can also enter your phone number which is registered with zoho account.


  • Step three: after you have entered your email address/phone number click on `forgot password’ option which is at the right top of `Sign In’ box.


  • Step four: as soon as you click to `forgot password’ option you will be redirected to `password reset request’ page. On the password reset page enter the secondary email address which is registered in zoho account. If you do not have secondary email account registered with zoho, there is no need to worry you can enter your registered phone number which is registered with zoho account. After you have entered your secondary email address/registered phone number enter the provided capta carefully and click submit box.
  • Step five: now here there can be two cases. If you entered your registered phone number you will get a verification code on that number, enter that seven digit number on verification code box. As soon as you enter the correct verification code you will be redirected to `reset your password’ page. If you entered your secondary email address, a link will be sent on that secondary email inbox. Open secondary email on a different tab and click on that sent link. By clicking on that link you will be redirected to `reset your password’ page.
  • Step six: now you are on ` reset your password page’ enter your new password then confirm your password again on the second given box. Click on the change box. Finally you will be able to access your account with this new password.

call us for zoho mail password recovery | +1-888-502-0552

This was the first option to recover password, the second option which is the best option for those who are looking for quick and easy password recovery is to call immediately the technical support that are available 24/7 at the toll free number +1-888-502-0552 . Call them and hand over your worries to them, the team of experts will guide you through every single step and your password recovery will be much quicker and hassle free.

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