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RocketMail is one of the oldest and largest free webmail service providers. Back in the days rocketmail was the toughest competitor of hotmail in the race to be number one mail service provider. We can help you to get instant support related to the issue, dial our toll-free number +1-888-502-0552 to help you reset rocketmail password

The role of technical support team has played   a major role in the success of rocketmail over the years. With its fight for supremacy and excellence in its early days, after merging with yahoo rocketmail have evolved with time. Maintain the same dignity and extreme customer satisfaction, the technical support have upgraded and adapted to the modern challenging technical demands which has resulted in extreme benefits to the users

After merging with yahoo, rocketmail users faced lots of confusion and had various queries. A big applauds to highly trained and qualified technical supports who handed these queries very efficiently. Today the most common query users ask is to reset rocketmail password. Apart from forgetting the password there are few other reason why the users feel the need to reset their passwords. The users feel the password might have leaked, is too complicated to remember, it’s the birthday or anniversary date and hence can be an easy target for hackers.

One of the best possible way to reset the password is to call the technical support who are available 24/7 at the toll free numbers, allow them to assist you and they will make sure that resetting your password is no more a problem. Keeping this common issue of password recovery in mind the technical support has simplified the password recovery procedure in the following easy steps.


  • STEP ONE : open official Rocketmail Password help page.
  • STEP TWO: on Rocketmail Password help page, Select “I have a problem with my password” and click next.


  • STEP THREE: enter the rocketmail email address for which the password is to be changed. Click next.


  • STEP FOUR: the next page will ask for the password, leave the box blank and click to forgot my password option.


  • STEP FIVE: the next step is the verification step; you will have to verify your identity. In this step you can provide your registered secondary email address or phone number which is registered with rocketmail.


  • STEP SIX: a verification link will be sent to your provided secondary email inbox or a four digit code will be texted to your phone number if you have opted for phone verification in the above step.


  • STEP SEVEN: once you have clicked the verification link or entered the texted verification code you will be redirected to password recovery page. Type the new password and confirm it by typing it again on the next password box. Now your password will change and you will be ale to sign in with the new password.



In this digital age were emails are not only an important mode of communication but also involves important data sharing, regular updates, notifications etc. when you lose your email password it does break your work flow and more seriously there is always an element of risk to lose the data and information to the hackers. In such frustrating scenario it is highly advisable to call the expert technical supports that are just a call away on the toll free numbers 24/7. The technical support not only recovers the password in real quick time but also assures that your email account is safe and secure. We will definitely help you to reset the rocketmail password, dial our toll-free number +1-888-502-0552 and get instant support

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