How to resolve Amazon fire stick issues


What is amazon fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a small digital media player used as an entertainment device that streams digital audio and video content in HD network and can be used for playing games, can be used with a mobile app or an optional game controller, can play movies and listen to audio songs supported with various applications like gaana, wink etc. that works with the help of internet (home network i.e., wifi)

This device comes in two forms:-

1. Fire TV, that includes a Set Top Box (STB)
> It was an older version and was not very much successful as it contains only 2GB of RAM, MIMO dual-band WiFi and a Bluetooth Remote control with a microphone for voice search.
2. Fire TV Stick that is used as HDMI Plug-In Stick
> The newer version of Fire TV known as the Fire TV Stick is an HDMI-port plug-in device that is similar to the older Fire TV. But the configuration supported in Fire TV Stick is much more than the Fire TV.
Also, the two variants in Fire TV Stick are the one with voice search on remote and the one without it.

What are the Channels on amazon fire TV

It includes various channels like Netflix, Crackle, HBO NOW, Watch ESPN, Watch HGTV, CBS AllAccess, Watch Food Network, BBC News and many more.
Thou you cannot get local channels through the Fire Stick as it is not a TV Antennae, and supports all the shows that are available through Netflix or Amazon, or any other applications that are available through Fire Stick.

Issues that may arise using the device

How to resolve Amazon fire stick the black screen

There can be several chances; some of them are listed below-
A. Make sure your TV is on and is set to the same HDMI input channel your Fire TV device is connected to.
B. If an HDMI cable is being used to connect the Fire TV Stick, unplug and reconnect it. You may need to try a different HDMI cable. Along the same, you can temporarily unplug the other devices connected to your TV’s HDMI Ports.
C. Try changing your TV to different resolutions as it can be there that the TV is not supporting the current resolution of the Amazon FS and it is thus showing Black Screen.
For this press the UP and REWIND button on the Fire TV Remote at the same time for at least Five Seconds. The system then cycles through available Output Resolution, pausing at each resolution for 10 seconds. If you see the correct resolution on-screen, select Use Current Resolution.

How to fix Amazon fire stick frozen

Hold down the Select + Play button together for 5 Seconds to Restart the device.
Restart the device following: Settings > System > Restart, then once restarted unplug the power cable for 5 Seconds then plug back in.

How to fix Amazon fire stick no signal

Here are some of the Quick fixes for Amazon Fire Stick No Signals are:-
a. Power Light indicator must be static.
b. Power cord/plug/socket must not be damaged.
c. Check HDMI cable connections.
d. Selecting the Correct Resolution.

How to fix Amazon fire stick remote not working

Firstly, Make sure that you have Fresh Batteries in your remote. (2 AAA batteries).
You can go to Google Play Store and search for Amazon Fire TV Remote App, make sure that your phone and amazon fire TV should be under the same network.
Open the App, and Select the connected device and enter the code that is displayed on your screen and get paired with it.
* Furthermore, the best thing with the app is you can type on the phone and the same will be displayed on TV.
Go to Settings > Amazon Fire TV Remote > Add New Remote and Press Home button on FS Remote for 10-15 Seconds and it will be connected automatically.
Also, you will now have two remotes i.e., one that you can operate from the Mobile App and the other is the Fire TV Remote.

How do I update my apps on amazon fire TV

a. From the Fire TV Stick Home Screen, scroll down to the “App” Section.
b. Scroll to the right until you reach the app you want to update.
c. If an update is available, an “Update” button will be present. Select the “Update” option.
d. If a popup appears, select “Update App Now”.
e. The app will download the latest version and will update. Once completed the updated app will be launched.

There are many issues related to the Amazon fire TV, it is widely popular nowadays. There is the huge user-base of the people holding up the device, the above mentioned issues are easy to fix and one can perform the instructions and resolve it.  We have a team of dedicated members which can really help you to get the issues resolved, a dedicated helpline which is toll-free +1-888-502-0552, the customer can contact us and fix the issues through voice, E-mail, and chat

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