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In the year 2002, Roku came up with an idea to blend the internet with television and this was the first of its kind innovation for smart televisions. Along the years roku com link devices have been huge success and are globally accepted by the users. Roku has constantly upgraded itself and developed the device according to the trending technology and demands. Recent roku devices developing in 7th generation are introduced in September 2018.

The roku link device is simple, user-friendly startups in functions. In order to get the full out of the Roku services, you need to create and link a Roku account with the device. Having a roku account enables the users to have access to thousands of streaming channels of your choice. Moreover a roku com link account allows the users to set a personal identification number (PIN) and add purchase channels of our choice. There are multiple benefits with roku link accounts like adding new channels, managing subscriptions, updating channel preferences, adding payment methods and many more.

www roku com link, the most advanced streaming device offers numerous outstanding features as discussed above. Now go for the best Roku link players that meet your requirements from the choices of Roku devices available mentioned below, but do not forget to link your Roku player to the Roku account to access the premium services which they are to offer.

Choices of www roku com link devices available:

  • Roku Streaming Stick:

    www roku com link portable and powerful lightning quad-core processor enabling you to download media content and stream onto your TV.

  • Roku Express+: Works with older televisions and also with latest HDTV’s, also offers Dolby Pass audio using HDMI

  • Roku Premiere +:

    One of the high specs models which support both Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, offers Micro-SD card slots for displaying photos and images on your TV, Night listening mode enabled, also offers the private listening option

  • Roku Ultra:

    Best roku com link account product which empowers your TV with stunning 4K and HDR video content quality; Dolby digital audio effects, Night listening mode enabled, offers private headphone listening through headphone jack on the remote and remote locator button on the Roku Ultra device

  • Roku TV:

    TV has an in-built tuner for streaming video content, enables 4K streaming options, Wireless connections

Welcome on the Roku Home page “My account” page. Finally, our account will be created and you will be able to manage and update all the information on Roku account.


Roku device is an excellent innovation to smart televisions a perfect combination of internet and televisions. The roku streaming device can be easily connected to the internet through which the users can easily stream to audio and videos from the internet. With www roku com link devices the users can connect to the internet through both wired and wireless connections. Roku device can be easily connected to the internet through these simple steps:


  • Use your www roku com link remote and select settings > Network > Wireless (Wi-Fi) > Set up new Wi-Fi connection.
  • Select your Wi-Fi connection from the available list.
  • Enter Wi-Fi password through the onscreen keyboard.
  • The Wi-Fi internet will be connected.


  • Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to an open port on your router and connect the other end to your Roku TV/Roku player.
  • Turn on the Roku TV/Player.
  • Select ‘Home’ button from the TV remote, the Roku home screen will be displayed.
  • Using Roku remote select Settings > Network > Wired.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to finish setting up your wired network connection.
  • A wired network internet connection will be established. Check the connection.

Note: As soon as you finish the internet setup the roku com link account home screen will arrive on the television screen with which will enable you to link the Roku player/TV to your Roku account to make product purchases securely.


You can easily get the Roku link code from the display screen of your device once you finish the initial installation setup of the device with your television with the help of network access. The activation code on your device display enables you to connect to your www roku com link account in the most secure and hassle-free way.

If in case the current Roku link code displayed on your screen doesn’t work, contact our technical support team to get your roku com link account device linked to your Roku account. You can also contact support team if Netflix is not working on your Roku TV.


As soon as you enter the Roku Link code in the the next screen will take you to the account creation window. Here account creation can be carried out in the following easy steps:


    Fill the required fields of Personal information page with

  1. First and Last name
  2. Valid email ID
  3. A password (easy to remember)

Re-confirm the e-mail address and password. At the end of the information page check on the boxes which are:

  1. Accept the terms that you are 18 years or older
  2. I agree to the Terms & Conditions and acknowledge the Privacy Policy.
  3. Go through verification that you are not a Robot

Click on ‘Continue’ at the right bottom of the page


    In this PIN preference page, you have to choose either one from the three:

  1. Whether require a personal identification number (PIN) to make purchases and add an item from the channel store
  2. Or require PIN only for making purchases
  3. Or do not require a PIN at all.

Here make your choice & go for what is suitable for you and follow the site instructions carefully

Welcome on the roku com link account Home page “My account” page. Finally, create your account and you will be able to manage and update all the information on Roku account. Just before you start enjoying the Roku player services, don’t forget to link your Roku player with your Roku account in order to enjoy endless entertainment.

To initiate the Roku activation, connect your Roku device to the available active network and wait for the software download to initiate. As the software download finishes, it will redirect to the Roku login screen. Login to the Roku account and go to to link your streaming device. Enter your Roku link code in order to complete the link process and follow the onscreen steps to complete your roku com link account process.


One of the best features of Roku devices is that they are simple to use and easy to operate. The smart TVs are extremely user-friendly and allow the users to enjoy the internet and television at the same time. Apart from being user-friendly, there are still few glitches that may occur in Roku devices but again the best part is that all the glitches and errors have been identified and termed as Roku error codes. Few of the error codes and the de-codes are as follows:

  • ERROR CODE 001:

    Error code 001 is the error which occurs at the time of com/link activation. If an error occurs at the time of our roku link channel activation it is the error 001. In order to fix this problem go to the home screen and press fast forward tab and then click then rewind tab.

  • Resolve ERROR CODE 003:

    Fix error code 003 occurs when software is an old version and not updated. One of the reasons of an old version of the software might be a network issue. In order to fix error code 003 update the software to the latest version.

  • Common ERROR CODE 009:

    This error  occurs when there is no internet connection. When the Roku device is not connecting to the internet. Try and reset your Roku device or router.

  • ERROR CODE 011:

    Facing error 11 is due to a failure to update the software. If this type of error occurs check your internet connection. Go to the network and Setup the connection again. Update the latest version software.

  • How to fix ERROR CODE 012:

    this error is due to the poor network connection. Try and establish a strong network connection make sure the cables properly connect to the router.

  • ERROR CODE 014:

    Sometimes this error is due to the lost wire or wireless internet connection. In order to resolve this error check the network connection and try and establish an internet connection with the device.

If you encounter any of the above errors or any other error specifically, Call our Help Center and avail technical assistance within seconds. We are present at your service 24/7 and will assist and help you with any problem or issues related to Roku devices. Please do not hesitate to call at our tollfree roku com link Help Center and get the necessary information as well as help from the Roku experts.

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