Solved : Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook 2016

“Getting the message “Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook 2016” when you try to open Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your desktop or laptop device? This happens mostly with the users whose Microsoft Outlook 2016 folders does not operate properly, due to the reason of Outlook’s PST or OST files either getting corrupt or displaced from their original location. Mistakes in the Navigation Pane setup, Add-ins of Outlook profile and Outlook compatibility mode which are not valid are some of the factors that trigger the Outlook startup issue. But this is not which is incurable, for an individual who does not have any professional knowledge of the Outlook backend working. You can download Microsoft outlook from the official website.

Our Microsoft Outlook experts want to share some of the techniques which will help you resolves your Outlook 2016 startup issue, try out these steps in accordance with the procedure to completely solve your startup error.

Please follow these steps 

1. Run Microsoft Outlook in Non-Compatibility Mode: Outlook (Right Click) Properties => Uncheck the Run Compatibility Mode from the Compatibility tab => Confirm changes and then launch the Outlook application.

2. Resetting the Navigation Pane of Outlook: Run => Outlook.Exe/resetnavpane => Proceed to Reset the Navigation pane of the Outlook => Launch the Outlook application again

If the Startup issue persists, remove the Outlook.xml file from their respective location depending upon the operating system version of the device.

One of the issues blocking your Outlook application may be the third party Add-Ins of the application, which sometimes does perform up to their mark. In this case, you could disable the third party Add-Ins which are blocking the application startup which can be easily performed by following the steps given below:

1. To check if your device is working well without the Add-Ins, you need to make sure it is by running the Outlook application in “Safe” mode. To do that, simply go to the “Run” Command bar by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ keys simultaneously.
2. After the Run command box pops up on the screen, type the following code: “Outlook.Exe/Safe” and press “Enter”.
3. Now check if your Outlook application which starts up is working normally or not
4. In affirmative results, proceed on to deactivating the third party Add-Ins from your Outlook 2016

“Hopefully, these steps will resolve the theoretical issues which prohibit the Outlook 2016 application to start up from your device with your profile. In case, if the application still does prompt the similar problems kindly consult the Microsoft engineers for any technical issues and proper insight of the problem with your Outlook 2016.

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